Our Service

  • Musubi-thai is another consult service and design to fabricate the engineering fabrication part and installation in each individual business. With the unique function to respond to our customer requirement with one stop service web. Moreover, with specialist consult team, before and after sale service.
  • Automation is a robotic and automated service using in production line in each industry and matched to customer requirement. It can be reduce time, manpower and human error in the work. The machine will automatic continuous work.
  • Facility Engineering infrastructure service which make a convenient for organization.
  • RAC PROtrace All-in-one solution From the smallest to the biggest system, PROtrace can be configured to do the job. With a choice of advanced technologies.
  • LED Lighting The LED equipment is another product that our company see through the significant of saving energy for any organization. It’s worth of both price and functional, out material is import from Japan as a chipset and LED dot. ECO-Friendly and certified the TISI from manufacturing standard..
  • SAIW (Super Alkaline Ion Water) SAIW Contains no harmful substance It can protects workspace and health,Help improve environment and Reduce cost.
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  • AIR LEAK TEST is Cost Saving solution . The leakest is the most problem in company expense . Our product can detect leakage point of Air pressure , Gas and Stream
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  • Dust Collector Maintenance is Air purify solution . Dust is some problem in your production . Our service is the best solution for take care dust collector system
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